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Comic Con Manchester 2019 - For the Love of the 80s and For the Love of the 90s was absolutely out of this world and ran for two days over June 1st-2nd 2019. The event itself featured a world-class lineup of guests from the greatest decades ever including Steve Guttenberg, Judge ReinholdErika Eleniak and many more! Attractions included a retro gaming area, the A-Team van, Gremlins Kitchen set build, Del Boy's van and more!



Steve Guttenberg - Police Academy, Leslie Easterbrook - Police Academy, Marion Ramsey - Police Academy, Michael Winslow - Police Academy, Erika Eleniak - Baywatch, Angelica Bridges - Baywatch, Brande Roderick - Baywatch, Rex Smith - Street Hawk, Francis Lee McCain - Gremlins, Zach Galligan - Gremlins, Judge Reinhold - Beverley Hills Cop, Tim Rose - Star Wars



Animatronic Gizmo - Gremlins, Mos Eisley Cantina Space Bar - Star Wars, Delorean Time Machine - Back to the Future, E.T. Forest - E.T., Ghostbusters Portrait - Ghostbusters, Slimer - Ghostbusters, K.I.T.T. - Knight Rider, F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit - Knight Rider, WWF Prime Time Set - WWF, Robin Reliant Regal - Only Fools and Horses, Simpsons Lounge Set - The Simpsons, Pontiac Trans Am - Smokey and the Bandit, Tie Fighter - Star Wars, Colonial Viper - Battlestar Galactica, Honda XL500 - Street Hawk, The Tardis - Doctor Who, Blue Oyster Bar Set - Police Academy, The Peltzer's Kitchen - Gremlins


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